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About the Deck

The COLORPLAY DECK was created by me – watercolor artist Carole Pivarnik – to help watercolor artists at all levels, but especially beginning and intermediate artists, to practice more and more effectively. It is a great addition to your studio or sketch kit, and watercolor teachers will find many ways to incorporate it into their classes and workshops.

How It Works

A video showing the deck in action will be posted here as soon as I have the prototype decks in hand!

How to Preorder

Kickstarter is a Web site where creators can post their projects and get pre-orders to help fund the production of a product. The COLORPLAY DECK will launch on Kickstarter in early summer. By then, the design work will be finished and the deck will be ready to go to the printer as soon as the 30-day Kickstarter campaign concludes (assuming it is successfully funded, which is always the trick, as Kickstarter is “all or nothing”!). I estimate that backers will get their decks and other rewards by the end of August (well in time for Christmas if you plan to give the deck as an awesome gift to your watercolor friends!).

Get Updates

Expect an announcement on my ColorPlay Deck mailing list (see below to sign up!) when the Kickstarter launch date is selected and then again when the project campaign goes live. Mailing list subscribers will have the best chance of getting early-bird discounted rewards since they will hear about the campaign launch first!